Our Matric Class of 2021 results that has set the tone for a year of celebration. Excellence is one of our core values!

What a way to start our Centenary 🙂

One of the most satisfying pleasures of being a teacher is celebrating the success of our learners. Today is a celebration of not just academic achievements, but also of resilience and determination. Despite the loss of in-classroom teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic in another challenging academic year, the CBC Mount Edmund Class of 2021 produced an impressive set of results in the IEB National Senior Certificate exams.

It’s also a time for gratitude, to appreciate the investments made by parents and teachers that contributed to their success. The Class of 2021 achieved a 100% Matric pass rate! Our Top 6 learners all achieved averages over 80% and two of them are among the country’s highest achievers in three subjects. With a Bachelor degree pass rate of 85.40% and 56 distinctions from 41 learners, there is much to celebrate.

This is only our second year back writing the IEB National Senior Certificate exams and we continue with our 100% achievement.