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College Principal’s Report

                                           The  Yearbook  contains the many  events,
                                           activities and learnings that occurred at CBC
                                           Mount  Edmund during 2021.    The last  two
                                           years have been like no other in the history
                                           of school education in South Africa and the
                                           members of our CBC family have been simply
                                           inspirational!  Each person has been resolute
                                           in their commitment to take the journey set
                                           before them with great courage and deter-
                                           mination, a tribute  to their inner strength
                                           and their readiness to live in the moment, no
                                           matter what it takes.

                                           During this year of celebrating We Are Family, it has never been more
                                           important to live out the values of our Faith, Leadership and Excel-
                                           lence. Thank you to all for being faith filled, nurturing relationships,
                                           pursuing excellence and touching the hearts of others. To reflect on
                                           the year that has been is to recognise that we adapted to change and
                                           pressed on despite the challenges. However, amidst all of this we were
                                           able to witness how teachers and learners lived ‘in the present’. This
                                           must be one of the greatest teaching moments of the year – how we
                                           were able to make the year work and see great steps forward in all
                                           areas of school life.

                                           CBC Mount Edmund is blessed with the staff that are willing to go the
                                           extra mile for our children. Our teachers have continued to adapt to
                                           new ways of teaching and caring about our children’s learning and
                                           well-being. I want to take this opportunity to thank them on your be-
                                           half for the incredible job they do. There have been some disruptions
                                           this year but our teachers have continued to provide a holistic edu-
                                           cation as far as possible through new ways of organising school pro-
                                           grammes and activities, and our children have responded well with
                                           appreciation and gratitude. It remains our commitment to nurture
                                           self-confident and self-directed learners as we leverage on ICT-
                                           enabled learning and flipped learning.

                                           We are very lucky to have dedicated Board members who give up
                                           their time to govern our college. Shammy Naidoo, Faeeza Dewrance,
                                           Fr Thabiso Ledwaba, Errol Pillay, Bro Michael Burke, Jason Bremner
                                           and Ruth Mampane. I thank you for being amazing members of our
                                           Board. They have spent hours attending meetings,  reviewing ac-
                                           counts,  dealing with compliance, human resources, education and
                                           ethos matters.

                                           2022 promises to be a very special year for many reasons. It is our
                                           100th birthday and all the events have been organised to celebrate
                                           this incredible milestone in our history. We have also introduced more
                                           technology in the way we teach and learn at the college with the
                                           BYOD strategy. The Football Centre of Excellence launches in January
                                           with young athletes receiving scholarships to further their education
                                           at CBC while enjoying a world class football coaching experience.  We
                                           are learning valuable lessons as we grow together. Besides these new
                                           initiatives, we will continue with our best efforts to provide a quality
                                           education and school experience for all our learners.
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