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Reflections by Our Head Boy                          Reflections by Our Head Girl

        I’ve come to the end of my journey here at the       The year 2021 has been challenging, more chal-
        school and the end is often a great time to reflect   lenging than I expected. The final year of high
        on the past.                                         school is always the most daunting because so
                                                             much needs to happen and will happen in a small
        I arrived at the College in 2017 after being at As-  span of time. This coupled with the effects of the
        sumption Convent for 8 years and it was initially a   pandemic created plenty obstacles to overcome.
        shock. CBC was so much bigger than my previous       These challenges and how the college responded
        school and I would have to adjust from being         to them reminded me of the words by Bob Marley,
        head boy the previous year to being the baby of      “You never know how strong you are, until being
        the high school. I can say with certainty that 2017   strong is your only choice.”
        was one of the most enjoyable years of my entire     I was inspired by the resilience with which the
        life.                                                college and its members met the challenges of this
                                                             year. CBC fought hard and won in many ways.
        The  orientation,  playing  basketball  for  the  first
        time and making friends who have been with           The resuming of sports programs at the college,
        me throughout my time at the school are some of      the great use of the hybrid teaching system, the
        the many highlights of that year. Every year from    involvement in the ERS and the annual Public
        then on has been equally enjoyable  especially       Speaking Festival are all testaments to how the
        because of the people in the school.                 school has grown in the midst of struggle. The
                                                             college in this year was able to return to a sense
        Faith, leadership and  excellence are the three      of normality that was dearly missed.
        values of the school, but excellence is particularly
        important to me.                                     It is hard to ignore the impact of Covid-19. The
                                                             inability to welcome the grade 8’s and engage
        It is something I’ve strived for since I was a little   with them as much as we had hoped being one.
        boy and I’m glad to have been in a place that        The overall engagement with people decreased
        challenged me to achieve excellence wherever I       which saddens me.
        could, be it in academics, sport or culture and that
        has helped me be a better person. I am grateful      The beauty of engagement,  especially in the
        to my family, friends and teachers  who pushed       college, is that it allows  for knowledge  and
        me and cheered me on to becoming the confident       wisdom to pass from the seniors to the juniors.
        and intelligent person I am right now. I would also   Engagement allows deeper relationships to form
        like to thank the school more generally for being    between people and CBC has lost out on that due
        the place where I grew up in and being the place     to the pandemic.
        I met people who have changed my life forever.
                                                                                                                                                              In spite of things that we may have lost out on
                                       Yann Mulumba          there is much  to be grateful for. I have truly
                                                             been blessed to be the head girl of CBC Mount
                                                             Edmund. Roles of leadership come with heaps of
                                                             responsibility and work, but it has been a great
                                                             opportunity to serve  this family that I love so
                                                             much!  The time I’ve had to serve my peers and
                                                             the staff has helped me grow as an individual
                                                             and I’m so grateful to the college for trusting me
                                                             to lead this year.

                                                             The matric class of 2021 are a group of people who
                                                             I am proud to be a part of. From day one at CBC,
                                                             I found my family in the hearts of these beautiful
                                                             people. As family’s do, we have experienced strife
                                                             but we have come through it together. I have no
                                                             doubt that each of us will continue to brighten up
                                                             the world in the way that only we can.
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