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               October 2020

               Dear Friends of Blessed Edmund Rice,

               On behalf of our global Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders (EREBB) com-
               munity, I write to offer our communal solidarity, prayers and best wishes during
               these challenging times. At this moment, almost half of the world’s children are
               out of school and people are living in varying forms of lockdown. It has been an
               extraordinary year.

               In May of this year over 200 school leaders from across the world were to gather
               in South Africa for the 2nd International Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders
               Congress. Several of these leaders were to spend time at CBC Mount Edmund
               and get to know the staff and students, and share ideas about what it means to
               educate with faith in the 21st century. However, as we know, COVID-19 changed

               CBC  Mount  Edmund  is  part  of  an  international  network  of  over  280  schools
               founded by the Christian Brothers and based on the ideals of Blessed Edmund
               Rice. Present in over 20 countries on every continent, these schools form part
               of Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders. They are situated in some of the
               smallest islands of the Caribbean; in the metropolises of New York, Buenos Aires,
               Sydney and New Delhi; in the jungles of Papua New Guinea and West Africa;
               the  mountains  of  India and  the  slums of  Nairobi.  They  educate  over  200,000
               young people and partner with families in building a better world for all.

               Our vision for EREBB has never had such significance as it does in this time of
               COVID-19.  In  a  world  where  almost  all  borders  are  shut,  this  vision  can  bring
               hope, unity and solidarity. Despite being in varying states of lockdown at the
               moment, our hearts are warmed by knowledge of the richness we share as a
               global community.

               At this challenging time, we find ourselves at the front line of delivering education
               in the most complex of environments. And yet, as a global education commu-
               nity, we have both the experience to know what is best for our young people
               and the need for support to continue to educate in the best ways possible. Our
               global community provides this opportunity.

               Members of our global community will once again visit the wonderful commu-
               nity that is CBC Mount Edmund. The warm welcome that you always extended
               to visitors cannot be contained by a virus. We look forward with hope and an-
               ticipation to this time!

                                                                               Yours in Blessed Edmund

                                                                                       Brian  Garrone
                                      Director Communications and Global Engagement
                                                     Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders

                                                                                                                                               EREBB Principal’s Symposium in Peru
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