Primary School

Foundation and Intermediate Phases

The Foundation Phase refers to Grade R through to Grade 3. The Foundation Phase sees to the developmental needs of learners. From Grade R, our learners are taught social skills through fantasy and outdoor play as well as creative activities, stories and perceptual activities. The transition from Grade R to Grade 1 involves prime focus on the development of the whole child in a supportive environment. In Grade 1, learners are introduced to two additional languages. The Co-Curricular programme includes all activities suitable for the ages 5-9.

Our Foundation Phase ensures learners are equipped with all the Language, Mathematical and Life Skills in order to continue their transition journey into the Intermediate Phase.

During the transition from the Foundation Phase to the Intermediate Phase, the learners at CBC Mount Edmund become aware of themselves in a wider context than children in a family, but rather of a larger community. The Intermediate Phase runs from Grade 4 to Grade 7. During this phase, our learners concentrate on enhancing their literacy skills and study skills assessment becomes more rigorous. With guidance from teachers and peers, learners are given the opportunity to grow independently and are taught the importance of responsibility. The use of technology is promoted in the phase. This is achieved by the integration of technology in the classroom and providing the learners with the skills to confidently develop in our digital age. In this welcoming and inviting section, each learner is given the necessary personal attention in an inclusive environment whilst given the opportunity to learn through discovery. We foster a love for reading, creativity, independence and critical thinking.

CBC Mount Edmund’s Primary School offers a truly maturing, encompassing, active and rewarding experience while ensuring that our values and ethos shine in every aspect.

Inaish Chetty

Inaish Chetty

Deputy Principal

Head of Primary School
B Ed (Hon)

C. Alho

Head of Foundation Phase
M Ed

K. Skinner

Head of Intermediate Phase

B Ed (FET)


L. De Abreu

Grade R
B Soc Sci Psychology

M. Thutlane

Grade R
Foundation Phase Intern

M. Esquino - Nell

S. Campodonico

S. Campodonico

Grade 2 M

M. du Toit

T. Wong

C. Alho

J. Russel

Grade 4
BA HDE; BA (Hon)

A. Turner

J. Kloppenborg

Grade 5 K
B Prim Ed

J. Skinner

F. Mangwane

D. Hart-Visser

A. Stander

Grade 7 S
B Soc Sci Psychology

C. Mntambo

Grade 7 M
B Soc Sci Psychology

K. Skinner

B Ed (FET)

N. Leotlela

English; LO; RE

M. Phala

BA Ed; BA (Hon)

K. Mailula

D. Tafani

Creative Arts
BA Interior Design; BEd (Hon); PGCE

L. Harrison

T. Viljoen

PS Learner Support

N. Smith

PS Learner Support

L. Fontana

PS Educational Psychologist
B (Hons) Psychology