In our efforts to produce well-rounded individuals we acknowledge the importance of providing opportunities for our learners to not only excel in their academics but also in sporting activities.

We strive to provide our learners with the best sporting facilities and coaching. The CBC Sports Department has embraced the vision to provide all our learners with the necessary conditioning to be successful in the field of play. Our Sports department values our College ethos, therefore we take into consideration the three pillars of the college in how we apply ourselves through FAITH, LEADERSHIP, and EXCELLENCE.

We aim to promote and develop an active lifestyle in and around our college through our vibrant sporting programs, whilst continuously creating awareness for the need to participate and strive for excellence. We aim to have one of the best sporting programs running within the college. The unique abilities and specialized skills of our sporting staff will allow us to continuously grow and excel. Together with our academic and cultural staff, we look to bring about a positive outlook and continuous participation in multiple activities to ensure that our wonderful college continues to excel.

All learners are required to take part in at least one summer and one winter sporting activity.

Foundation Phase
• Mini netball – Girls (Term 1- Term 3)
• Mini cricket – Boys (Term 1 and Term 4) – coached by Pro-Crick
• Mini soccer – Boys and Girls (Term 2 and Term 3) – coached by Coerver
• Mini hockey – (Term 2 and Term 3)
• Learn to swim – Boys and Girls (Term 1 and Term 4)
• Play Golf – Boys and Girls (Term 1 and Term 4)
• Ballet – Girls and Boys
• Karate – Boys and Girls

Intermediate Phase
• Soccer – Boys and Girls (Term 2) – coached by Coerver
• Swimming –Team Squad – Boys and Girls (Term 1 and Term 4)
• Swimming Development – Boys and Girls (Term 1 and Term 4)
• Cricket – Boys (Term 3 and Term 4) – coached by Pro-Crick
• Hockey – Boys and Girls (Term 2 and Term 3)
• Netball – Girls (Term 2)
• Squash – Boys and Girls – coached by TUKS
• Karate – Boys and Girls
• Robotics – Boys and Girls

High School
• Swimming Development – Boys and Girls (Term 1 and Term 4)
• Soccer – Boys (Term 2 and 3)
• Basketball – Boys (Term 2)
• Cricket – Boys (Term 3 and 4)
• Hockey – Boys and girls (term 2)
• Netball – Girls (Term 2)
• Tennis – Boys and Girls
• Squash – Boys and Girls

M. Moeketsi

Head of Sports


C. Van Der Merwe

L. Wagner

Head of Swimming & Netball

S. Kekana

M. Sigasa